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SpeedGrader "cannot find any students" error

Can anyone else solve this?

I have 4 sections crosslisted into another section (bc that's how my K12 District said to do it). When I try to use SpeedGrader on a quiz, I can ONLY see students in the parent section. When I try to change it to another section, I get an error that says "Could not find any students in that section, falling back to showing all sections" and it kicks me back to the parent section.

This does NOT happen when I speed-grade assignments, just the quiz. I need to grade 150 more of these, but can't access them. I've tried getting at them from the gradebook as well, but the same thing keeps happening. What gives?

This window pops upThis window pops up

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Surveyor II

I have the same issue only with a discussion board. I hope someone can help solve this. 

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Try going to your Settings on the lower left-hand side of your Canvas Course.

Go to Course Details

Make sure this button is disabled:

Large Course:
 Launch SpeedGrader Filtered by Student Group
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