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SpeedGrader vs. Firefox

The official Instructure statement is that Canvas is supported on all major browsers.

However, when I open SpeedGrader in Firefox... I get a little pop-up warning saying (something to the effect), "Crocodoc has a problem playing nicely with Firefox. Sometimes comments aren't saved."

Can someone offer some more insight? Is a fix "on the way"? How shall I advise my clients? Comments are kinda important in the whole grading process. My thinking is, we should be taking a stronger stance against Firefox, if it isn't anymore reliable than that.


Cliff Cunningham

Canvas Training & Consultation

University of Wisconsin - Madison

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Community Team
Community Team

 @cliff_cunningha , you have a lot of questions in your prompt Smiley Happy, and since I think they're more likely to prompt a discussion than a single comprehensive and uniquely correct response, I've flipped the format accordingly.

I've been using Firefox almost exclusively with Canvas for over five years. I don't have an issue with the Crocodoc limitation, because it is easily worked around (by clicking somewhere on the page before proceeding to the next student in the SpeedGrader). Firefox's limitations with Crocodoc are detailed in How do I use Crocodoc in Canvas assignments?

Having said that, every browser presents a problem of some sort. I think most of the users in this forum will tell you that Edge and Internet Explorer cause more problems not only for teachers but especially for students than all of the other supported browsers put together. Nevertheless, those browsers are considered supported, and that's not likely to change.