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Speedgrader App not working correctly

Since the weekend (Feb 20, 2021) the speed grader app will NOT swipe to the next student submission IF  I have annotated the student assigned.  If I just add a grade, it will swipe to the next submission.  Anyone else have this problem?  Any fixes?

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Surveyor II

We are experiencing the same issue.  In order to swipe to the next student, you first need to unselect the annotation tool you used. I'm on the phone with Canvas support now to see if this change was intentional or if it is a technical issue. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

It appears from other community discussions this is a wider issue. This feature still remains on the iPhone, so my assumption is this is a bug or omission to the latest updated. I'll let you know if I hear about a fix or change. Also, be on the lookout for an app update soon. 

Community Coach
Community Coach

@bbilderback and @shikej,

Canvas Teacher 1.12.1 was just released with a possible fix for this issue. Can you try out this update and see if it fixes this issue?