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Speedgrader Issues

I am grading in web version of Speedgrader.  I finish grading a student's work and then progress on to grade another student's --- I notice the orange circle is still present.  Why isn't it being marked green as graded.

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This seems to be getting worse for me.  Now, sometimes I see a green check before I even grade a student's work.  I have tried clearing cache and will try again...but this is new tonight for me...

sara.chai, this sounds consistent with what I wrote you on October 24 in New issue with SpeedGrader?  Then, it was marking a student as completed based on the alphabetical position of the student, not on the position of the student in the current list.

Example: Tom appears 3rd in the list by submission status, but is 12th alphabetically. Emily is 5th alphabetically, but is 12th in the submission status sort. When I grade Tom, Canvas looks up his name in the alphabetical list, gets position 12, and then marks Emily as being completed because she's in position 12 of the current list.

The grades are getting assigned to the correct person (I imagine if they weren't that this would be fixed a whole lot sooner) and refreshing the browser will fix the list.

The work-around is to sort alphabetically or ignore the checkmarks except immediately following a page refresh.

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I am glad the grades are still getting assigned and there is a workaround...

but the workaround unfortunately is not easily understood or distributed to all my site teachers.

Hopefully this will be officially fixed soon - or some teachers will start ignoring the symbols altogether.