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Speedgrader; Multiple Submissions; No score showing up in Canvas Grades

My student made six submissions (attempts) for a Canvas Quiz, which was set to keep the highest score. His 3rd attempt had the highest score (Canvas correctly said ... this is not the most recent).  The total number of points was 14 on the quiz and the student got 14 points on his 3rd attempt.  The lower left corner says "Final Score 14 out of 14".  On the right, below the student name, it says Assessment, Grade out of 14 is 14.  On the upper left, it saysScore for this attempt: 14 out of 14.  I have clicked "Submit Score" and "Update" more than a few times, and the little Page (?) icon is still showing in Canvas Grades (although when I click on it, it says 14 / 14).

Why cant I see the grade in Canvas Grades?

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Does the gradebook show anything? Sometimes, we see the paper icon when there are multiple submissions and you need to finalize the most recent one, even though the highest was attempt 3.

The gradbook shows the little paper icon.  When I click on it, I can see a 14 / 14.  What do you mean by 'finalize the most recent one'?

Have you checked in SpeedGrader to verify that there is a score in the points box?

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Community Coach

Hi Corellie


It may be because you have set either a course or an assignment grade posting policy in your gradebook. This guides will help if that is the case........How do I sue posting policies in a course


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I have no grading policies.  All settings are 'default' (whatever those are).

Surveyor II

Thank you all for help and suggestions.  I got it to work in that.... there was one quiz question that was a 'file upload' one.  I had to go through each submission putting 0 points (if no file submitted) and 1 point if the file was uploaded.  Then Canvas seemed happy and I now see a grade in the grade book.