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Speedgrader Tools not showing

Hi all,

I've experienced a small but annoying problem with assignments in Canvas.

I delivered a presentation to my staff on Monday about the joys and wonders of Speedgrader, especially the ability to use the feedback tools directly on student submissions. 

Lo and behold, I come to give feedback this morning on drafts that students submitted last night, and the tools aren't showing at all. I can't figure out how to make them appear, and no Canvas guides (that I can find) even mention the toolbar at all. I was using it perfectly on Monday with no issues on a different submission, but now, nothing!

Do Speedgrader tools get removed if the assignment has an attached rubric? If so, that doesn't make sense. As a teacher you should be able to correct specific parts of a task as well as using an overall rubric.

Help would be appreciated. This is extremely frustrating, especially when it works on a different task. 



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Community Team
Community Team, it's hard to say without being able to look at the assignment itself; however the presence or absence of a rubric has no bearing on whether the DocViewer annotation tools are available for a particular assignment submission. The first possibility that came to my mind was that the assignment submissions for the assignment you were demonstrating were of a file type not supported by DocViewer, and you can review the supported file types here

Hi Stephanie,

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately, in a way, the file type isn't the issue as all the submissions are .docx, supported by DocViewer.

The image below shows the lack of annotation tools. 


That is exceedingly strange,‌, and I hope you've submitted a support ticket. I'm so sorry to hear that this happened to you in the middle of a demonstration (sadly, that's Murphy's Law, isn't it?).

Hi Mark,

One of our faculty is having the same issue. Has the support team given you a solution for this?

We were having this same problem.  What we determined in our case was that if you have peer reviews AND select them to be anonymous, the DocViewer tools disappear both for students and teachers.  If you deselect anonymous (but still do peer reviews), the tools came back.  

This solved the issue for me [deselect "peer-to-peer reviews are shown anonymously".

I'm reporting this as a bug in the instructure ticket-system.

I just had the same problem and figured it out: the Beta gradebook is what gives you the SpeedGrader in the gradebook. You have to select it in your Course Settings under Feature Options. 

This isn't the cause.  Our students use Google doc., and I know this is what has been submitted.  The crazy part is, this seems to be ASSIGNMENT specific not student specific.  And yes, I checked to make sure I had not set the upload restrictions.

Learner II

Is the assignment published? If it is not published you will not see the Speedgrader option in tabs on the right.

Here is an assignment unpublished:

unpublished view of assignment

and here is the same assignment published

published view of assignment