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Speedgrader default points on a quiz question

How do I get Speedgrader to stop assigning the points in essay quiz questions from the last graded student to the next ungraded one? This usually begins around the middle of a quiz, more or less to a student with the last initial of L. It is as if Speedgrader is carrying over the last submitted value to the next student.  I initially thought that this was a browser misbehavior, but went to a great deal of trouble to determine it's not browser autofill.  

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Community Coach
Community Coach


I'm sorry that no one has responded yet to this issue you reported.  I just had a report of what sounds like is the same behavior at my school.  Were you ever able to figure out what the problem was or did you report it to Canvas support at all and get a response?  



I just started grading an exam and I have the same issue.  It is auto filling for questions the students have upload files so it cannot be based on their answer.

My colleague opened a ticket with Canvas support about the issue so I'm going to share what we learned.  Apparently this occurs in Chrome with quizzes that have 30+ questions and more that 20 students.  So Canvas is aware of it.  Today we learned that they do have a fix and it has passed initial QA.  Hopefully we'll see it added to beta for further testing and then deployed soon.