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Speedgrader glitches

Is anyone in Tech Development addressing the glitches in speedgrader?  For example, when using the highlighter, I highlight some text, but don't leave a comment.  As soon as I click on the document again, it thrusts me down to the end of the document.  Sometimes I simply want to highlight a student's repetition.  No comment is necessary.  Simply highlighting multiple uses of the same word or phrase is sufficient for the student to recognize the problem.  Instead of being able to simply click and drag to highlight a second time, I have to scroll back up, find my spot and then the highlighter will work.  VERY FRUSTRATING!!!  This is true of other tools as well.  If you don't leave commentary, clicking on another tool will launch you to another portion of the document.

Oftentimes the highlighter won't work on certain segments of text.

This makes Canvas feel very adolescent in its development, not exactly a polished alternative to F2F.

Please fix ASAP.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @bessenkj ...

Sorry to read that you are having issues with using the SpeedGrader in Canvas.  Have you reported any of these issues to Canvas Support?  If not, I would highly recommend that you do this so that they can get a ticket logged for you.  It's possible that Canvas engineers may have to look at the current behavior to see if they need to fix anything on their end to make the annotation experience better.  You can contact the folks at the Canvas Help Desk by visiting this link: How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? - Canvas Community.  Please come back to this topic after you have a conversation with the Help Desk staff so that we know how this might be resolved...thanks!  Stay safe, and be well.