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Speedgrader: hiding grades and comments until whole group is graded

Hello community!

When I grade a large group of students, I often like to wait, before I communicate grades and comments, until I've assessed all of the copies.

When grading on speedgrader, it seems that students can access their grade, the rubric I used, as well as my comments as soon as I save them.

Is there a way to keep the grades, rubrics, and comments saved, but hidden from students until all copies are graded, and then to release information to all students at once?

Thanks for the support !


Collégial du Séminaire de Sherbrooke



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Canvas support has this

but I am a little upset right now -- it appears that students are able to access not only the rubric I am using, which is fine, but the saved comments I had created, which is not. I am talking to canvas support about this. 

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