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Statement of messaging rates needed?

My institution is drafting a general texting procedure to make sure that we're not overusing our ability to text students. The document contains a section on consent opt-in, which says one of the federal requirements is a statement of standard messaging rates. In other words, that thing that tells you "standard messaging rates apply" whenever you sign up for text alerts.

I could have sworn that language used to appear when you'd add a text method in Canvas, but it doesn't seem to be there now (either in the guide or in practice). 


1. Has anyone had this discussion at their own college/university?

2. Does anyone with better law knowledge than I have insights on the subtleties of the federal requirement?

3. Can anyone confirm whether my memory is right or wrong regarding whether such verbiage was once part of the SMS setup in Canvas? This is definitely the most important Smiley Wink

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