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Statistics on Formula Questions

Has anyone being able to obtain any statistical data about formula questions? I understand the issue that each student may have a different answer; however, I would just like to know the percentage of students who answered correctly vs. incorrectly.

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With classic quizzes, you can use the Student Analysis report from the Quiz Statistics page to get whether students got the questions correct or incorrect. You will have to do your own analysis of it.

Each question has 2 columns.

In the header, the first contains the question ID and the question. The second contains the possible points for that question.

For each quiz (each row after the first), the student's answer is given and the points they got for that question.


The first student answered 20.7 and got the full 2 points. 

The second student didn't get that question (no response and no points).

There would be a 0 if the student missed it.

If I was to scroll down (not included in screenshot), one student answered 21.104 and got 0 points.

It's that second column you need to do the analysis on. Using COUNT() and SUM() formulas you can quickly find the percentage who got the question correct.

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