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Stimulus Questions and Question Banks

Is there no way to attach questions to a stimulus and pull them from a question bank with the attached questions?

I need to create a quiz that randomly pulls questions from a question bank so that each student has a slightly different assessment.

I tried to create stimulus questions that each had three questions asked per stimulus item. When I pull the questions from the bank it only pulls the stimulus and not the questions. This prevents me from using question banks to help randomize questions in the assessment. 

I was hoping to create multiple questions like this and pull them randomly from a question bank:

308477_Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 4.56.30 PM.png

Has anyone found another creative option for this?

Thanks for any help.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

 @sdavick , you are correct that there isn't a way to connect a "stimulus" with a set of questions. Strangely enough I just had a similar issue, but with Stats. What I ended up doing today as a total hack - and not perfect - was to put everything for each stimulus, including the stimulus itself in as one multiple fill in the blank question.

What I did was add the Stimulus in at the top of the fill in the blank question, then asked each question for that stimulus within the same fill in the blank question. Below is an example of how this looks. The "stimulus" in this case is the claim (side note, the data file is provided in the quiz directions) and then under this stimulus I have the different questions that go along with the claim. Doing it this way allowed me to keep the stimulus and questions together AND randomly pull one of these (or more if needed) from a question bank. It will also auto-grade except for the last question, which was my choice as an Instructor to include. Side note, for the question that won't auto-grade, I included the answer for the question in the general quiz comments/feedback for that specific question. That way students will still know if they got the answer correct or not and what the correct answer should have been (and why!).


I know it's not perfect, but I'm honestly pretty proud of what I came up with and ultimately it will do what I need it to do!

Hope this helps! Kona

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Thank you, Kona. This is actually the workaround we are currently using in the old quizzes platform. We will have to also try it with Quizzes.Next. I appreciate your helpful response.


Hi  @sdavick .  I was thinking about this as well, and while there is no current way to keep a stimulus question and the questions together if you are ok with students having the same stimulus and different questions, one option may be to add the stimulus to the quiz itself and then for each stimulus, create a separate question bank containing the possible questions.  After adding the stimulus to quiz, you could attach "x" questions from the bank randomly and the quiz should show a different set of questions for each stimulus.  The downfall here is that everyone would have the same stimulus and it would get pretty tedious to create bank after bank, but it may work in particular situations.

As an AP Stats teacher, I love this idea!  You may already know this, but instead of giving them directions for what to type in a couple of those blanks, use the drop down feature for those blanks, so you don't have some student doing all caps, some putting extra spaces in, etc.

Anyway - kudos for your work around for Stats!  (Doesn't help me with PreCalc, but I'll deal with it for now)


This workaround is good for text based answers, but I really need numeric question functionality. Anchoring questions to stimuli in the item banks would help so much!


I 100% agree.  Love the idea for Stats (I teach that as well), but for PreCalc I want students to get different stimulus questions and the questions associated to them.  Seems like this would be a common need.