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Stop Canvas calendar feed from showing hidden calendars?

I'm an instructor, and would like to export my Canvas calendar feed to my existing google calendar so I can see my work and personal schedule in one place. However, when I try to do this (using the "Calendar Feed" url) it shows events on all calendars, even those I have hidden (i.e. courses the university has automatically enrolled me in, courses for which I am an "observer", etc). This makes the feed useless to me because it is crowded with irrelevant events. Does anyone know if it is possible to have the feed correspond to the view in Canvas?

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@megansz, as you discovered, unfortunately the Calendar filter selector does not impact the Calendar Feed at this time.  Consider rating the following Idea Exchange conversation, or commenting on it:

Select which courses go in Calendar Feed 




@RobDitto thanks for that link. However, the chain you sent me to has been there for 4 years and the idea has yet to be implemented! This doesn't give me much hope that Canvas will update this functionality anytime soon. Sigh.