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Storage limits for a class


I'm teaching a photography class and I need students to embed their images in a discussion so everyone can see and comment on them.

We had been using Box and it was possible to embed from Box, avoiding any storage issues with Canvas. But we have switched to OneDrive and there doesn't seem to be a similar option.  While you can share links from OneDrive, you can't embed from it.

I am unclear about the storage limits and how they work. If a student uploads an image into a discussion, does it count against the class limit or just their personal limit? My class has a 1.5GB limit, which probably won't be enough for the semester. But I believe each student has a 1GB limit, so that would work.

I"ve had one student submit a photo for an assignment this week and I don't see the .jpg in my Files in Canvas. Does that mean it isn't counting against the class limit?

Apologies for the long question, but any help would be appreciated.



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Community Coach
Community Coach


I believe that assignment submissions will count against the course quota, but if embedding in a discussion the image is actually stored in the My Files area of the person making the post, thus putting it against their quota.