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Storyline 360 & SCORM - Reporting Complete/Incomplete?

I am creating a #SCORM 1.2 package from #Storyline 360. I am triggering Course Completion from a slide and when I publish to SCORM I am tracking by selecting the option called "Track using complete course trigger" in Storyline.

When I upload to Canvas, I want it to report as Complete/Incomplete. A couple of questions:

  1. Do I upload the SCORM package to Canvas and select the option for graded or an ungraded assignment? I do want to track whether a student has completed the course. Score does not matter.

  2. When I take the course, it seems to always score as incomplete. Like the SL trigger is not working properly. But when I test it on, the trigger works fine and I am marked as complete. Is this a known issue in Canvas or am I doing something wrong? (I am a Canvas newb, ha!)
  3. Can students view their course as "incomplete"? It seems they see a 0.00 and I think this will panic them. I think the words incomplete would be better but I don't see how to do that.

Thanks for your help!


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Hi Brooke, it sounds like you've designed it fine if it's working in ScormCloud. Canvas has been having issues with the SCORM reporting feature for a few months since there was an update in Google Chrome that has stopped the browser from reporting completion data back to Canvas. Are you testing it with Chrome? Try using Firefox or Safari and see if you have the same issue. Canvas is working on a solution (from what they've told me), but it's been very frustrating. You can tell Chrome to ignore this change by going here:  chrome://flags/#allow-sync-xhr-in-page-dismissal and switching it to "enabled" and that should hopefully help your grading get reported correctly. You should be using an "exit module" trigger at the end for it to work, from what I understand, they can't just close the browser after the completion trigger is sent. 

If there is no grade attached you can upload as an ungraded assignment, then I would switch the assignment settings to grade as "complete/incomplete" so you can track if they do it by the "completed" checkmark in grades. Hope that helps a little, sorry I can't solve the grading thing, I'm trying though! 

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