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Student App not Passing Cookies

We have an LTI tool and are experiencing an interesting issue with the student app.

The tool itself opens fine in both the student and the teacher Canvas app. In the page of the tool are various buttons that all work well.

One of the buttons in the tool opens a new page and that is where we have the issue.

When clicking that button, the new page opens but displays an error that the LTI information is not passing through to it. it seams that the student app does not pass cookies through. When clicking that same button in the teacher app, all is fine.

In the student app, if one clicks the button to view the page in a browser all is fine as well, as the browser does pass cookies through.

As above, our understanding is that  cookies are passing through when opening another page when in the browser as well as in the teacher app, but somehow in the student app, when opening a new page, the cookies are not passing through.

We turned to Canvas support over a week ago, and have nudged twice, but have yet to receive an response other than a ticket number (  05991326 for the first time and 06021195 for the third nudge)

A)  Your insight and help is much appreciated for ideas on how to resolve this.

B)  Is this common now that Canvas support is not responding? Is there an overload on the support?

Thank you

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