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Student Cannot Login to Canvas, But Has an account

I have a student who cannot log into their Canvas account, Canvas throws an error that her account does not exist. We have looked her up inside Canvas and our SIS has her enrolled in classes and the student's account exists. Would clearing the cache in the browser clear the issue? Or is it on our institution's end do you think it is a browser issue?

Thank you for your time.

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Hello  @ericwhitmer  and welcome to the Canvas Community! I find login issues can be a bit complex and in pin pointing the exact issue. Has the student tried contacting the local Canvas support or Canvas support directly: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?  on the matter? Canvas support might be able to diagnose the issue easier and see what one should do next.  

Hope this helps. Thanks!


The student has reached out to our department and I was charged with resolving it. I reached out to another department to see how they handle adding students to their courses and it turns out they send a list to an individual in our IT Department who handles adding it to our SIS. I started seeing some emails from more students who were having similar issues. Also from from the additional correspondence from IT and the others in my department, on our end we were doing some processing that Canvas blocked new entries until the old ones were out. I was mainly reaching out here to see if anyone else had similar issues and what potential solutions they had.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, I have just started working with a student who has had an issue with their Canvas Student account that sounds similar to what you described, @ericwhitmer . I was wondering if you were ever able to resolve the issue and how you did so?

Thank you


Hi @HannahAnderson0,

I would reach out to your institution's LMS Administrator, which may be couched in their IT Department. They would be able to investigate further what is causing your issue. I hope this helps some.