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Student Data Repository

Hi Colleagues

We're thinking about how to use Canvas as more than just a tool for curriculum delivery.

As a school just beginning the Canvas journey (2nd Year!) we are looking to engage staff in a way that liberates the mindset that says "Canvas is only for curriculum". 

Our goal is to have staff access Canvas outside of academic course building. We hope this familiarity will breed a confidence and familiarity with Canvas, so that curriculum course building is not so daunting.

Some ways may be

  • Recording NCCD data (This may be uniquely Australian. It is the data we keep on students that we make academic adjustments for in the classroom)
  • Keeping agendas and minutes from staff meetings.
  • List of students allergies
  • The Day Book (Daily notices)
  • Presentation of PD session (Non-Canvas related sessions)
  • Recording student communication information i.e when, and by whom , were parents called, detention records, in school specialist support etc

Has anyone tackled some of these issues? Are there some better ways to  acclimatise staff to Canvas? What did the course template look like?

Happy to hear any thoughts. 


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Community Coach
Community Coach


I hope you made it to the Australian Canvas Conference last week. I heard through the grapevine (yes, those run all the way to your fair continent) that it was a roaring success.

Anyways, we use Canvas for all sorts of non-instructional things at our school. It is available for all, so why not get the best return on investment that you can get.  We use it for.........

  • Committee work spaces,
  • Department work spaces,
  • To track major initiatives,
  • Student clubs,
  • Staff and faculty professional development,
  • Advising and counseling of students,
  • As a parent portal for our day-care center,
  • And more I just can't think of right now.

It looks like some of the uses you are considering will require broader access than typically managed through an SIS integration, and we usually make these either open enrollment or public access courses, then the join URL can be distributed to the appropriate parties.  For those types of uses we almost always ask that what ever group is using Canvas also provide someone to manage the classroom (teacher-level role) to take that burden off our very small department.

If you need more details about anything, just let me know and I will share what I can.