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Student Grades View is Disorganized

I have my gradebook in Canvas aligned with how I’ve organized assignments. But when I (or students) go into their snapshot of grades it rearranges them differently. Is there a way to have it organized the way I have organized my gradebook? (Note: I don’t put due dates on them on purpose). Basically, my arrangement of columns in Grades doesn’t impact/affect the order that students see the columns on Grades. They get to choose how they view their grades, and they have a few options in the “Arrange by” dropdown that’s on that screenshot.  The most common of which is due date, but that won’t work if you aren’t setting due dates. I don’t have a good solution to this? Any help is appreciated.

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supposedly, the student view is the order the quizzes are in the Assignments section.  It works most of the time...