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Student Peer Review Responses

What is the process for a student to post a peer review response so I don't have to search all over the course to find their submission?

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Hi Gladys,

The process for students to submit peer reviews for an assignment is described at 

There is another document for instructors on how to view peer review submissions atHow do I view student peer review comments as an instructor? 


Community Coach
Community Coach,

Were you able to find an answer to your question? I am going to go ahead and mark this question as answered because there hasn't been any more activity in a while so I assume that you have the information that you need. If you still have a question about this or if you have information that you would like to share with the community, by all means, please do come back and leave a comment.  Also, if this question has been answered by one of the previous replies, please feel free to mark that answer as correct.