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Student Peer Review Tool?

Hi, I am a new instructor with 100 students. Is the end of quarter and I want students to review their teammate who are in the same team with them (e.g., Student A give score to B and C; Student B gives score to A and C etc). Ideally the score will be auto-calculated for what each student gets (e.g. On average, student A gets score 4 out of 5)

I realized that there is no this function in Canvas. Anyone has suggested tool? I have 100 students so has to be something less manually calculation...Thank you! 

p.s. I am surprise that Canvas doesn't have this function 😞

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Surveyor II

I have my students submit their Google Doc's link from the share button using the weblink option in an assignment page. Then I assign the peer review in that same assignment page. I can then assign the peer reviews individually or automatically (at random). The student then clicks on the other student's name and it opens up to a page that has the link to their Google Doc. They then open the Google doc and leave feedback there. But to have it checked off as completed in Canvas, I have them leave their overall comment in Canvas and then it checks off that the peer review has been finished.