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Student Receiving an Unauthorized message when he tries to access a module

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Hello everyone,

I just received an email from a student saying when he tries to access this week's module he gets the "Unauthorized - It appears that you don't have permission to access this page" message. I've checked the module for the things that would normally cause this, like prerequisites, requirements, lock until dates, and unpublished content, and it does not have any of those. I can tell other students have been able to access the module because they have taken a quiz in the module. It's the eighth week of the course and this student hasn't had any problems before. Does anyone know what could be going on to cause this one student to see the unauthorized message for this one module?

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I can't access my module due to authorization circumstances, does anyone know how to resolve this issue?

 @hdriver307 , the suggestions made above are instructive: Most likely--and assuming that you are a student--you are receiving an Unauthorized message because the module hasn't been published, or the content in it is not correctly linked. There are several possibilities, but the members of this Community forum don't have access to specific schools' accounts and courses to look more deeply into the matter. If you're a student, contact your instructor directly (How do I send a message to a user in a course in Conversations?​), or use the Help link in the left navigation to report a problem (How do I get help with Canvas?​) so that Canvas Support can look at the course in question and help you troubleshoot.


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