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Student Research (Canvas)

I am a student working on my MED in eLearning and have been asked to compare blackboard, canvas and moodle to evaluate them based on the following questions. I'm searching through content to uncover these answers, but any input would be welcome as I am new to all three tools. Coming from the business world, we don't use these application so having to learn the application while answering questions. I'm new to canvas so trying to learn Canvas and answer functionality. Any and all input is welcomed. 

1.  Does Canvas have social features that allow for peer-to-peer networking and if so what are they? 

2.  Is there a list of business programs that integrate today with Moodle? 

3.  What collaborative features are contained in Canvas?

4.  Can users access Canvas from a mobile device?

 5.  What analytical features does Canvas provide?

6.   What reporting features does Canvas provide?

7.   What is the implementation timeline for a 1,250 users (one HS)? 

8.   What would cost to implement 1,250 users?   Onsite vs hosted

9.   How often is Canvas updated? 

10. What modifications / enhancements have been made in the last 3 years? 

11. What conversion assistance is provided?

12,  Is Canvas Interface compliant with ADA Section 508?  How so?

13.  Does Canvas support screen readers?

14.  Are there tools for the captioning of videos?

15.  Does Canvas include announcements on the homepage?

16.  Will Canvas send emails and will the email system integrate with other email systems?

17.  Can a student upload an assignment with an audio or video file?

18.   Can an instructor answer a student via an audio or video file?

19.   Does Canvas have a built in assessment building tool?

20.    Does Canvas have a built in survey tool?

21.    If a student forgets a password, can Canvas have it reset? How?

22.    Opinions about ease of navigation for the Student and instructor?

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