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Student Submissions not showing up for Teachers

I am an instructional coach, speaking for multiple teachers at multiple grade levels in my school. 

Students are submitting assignments, both from Google LTI and within the Canvas platform, and they are not showing up on the teacher end to be able to grade. Teachers are watching students submit, they get the confetti celebration that it is submitted, but the assignment isn't showing up in Speedgrader. Students are making these submissions through Chromebooks that were provided by our district. Any thoughts on why this could be happening? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @emilycampbell 

This sounds super frustrating. Sounds like you've done excellent trouble shooting so far. It appears to be a bug that will be fixed very soon. That is according to this 

Hoping all is resolved for you soon.

If not then please submit a help ticket. 

Sing out if you need a hand. 

Surveyor II

I am having the same issue but it is not an issue with Speedgrader, rather the submissions are not showing up.  The first picture is from the admin account. They are in there.  The second picture is my account..  I cannot see them!IMG_9369.jpgIMG_9367.jpeg