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Students Can't See Answers When Finishing Exams/Quizzes

I have a faculty member who wants their students to see their answers once they finish their exams including the correct answers and prevent the students to review the questions after they complete their exams.

Here's the settings that were set for their most recent exam:


Why is it that when the student finishes, they couldn't see any of their answers? Does this need to be escalated?

Thank you for your help.

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Is the quiz muted?

How do I mute or unmute an assignment in the Gradebook? 

If the quiz is not muted, then the students can see their previous attempts by clicking on the quiz, and then clicking the "Attempt 1" link. Based on the settings above, they will be able to see the correct answers for that attempt.

Gunther, it is not muted. The instructor's intent is to have the students see what they answered as soon as they complete their tests, but once they leave that test, the student can no longer see the quiz again until the instructor reopens it again.

Are there multiple attempts for the quiz? Have tried with the test student to see what happens?

Kona, I have not tried with a Test Student. Also multiple attempts are not permissible because that significantly increases the chances for academic integrity violations.

Eric Whitmer wrote:

...but once they leave that test, the student can no longer see the quiz again until the instructor reopens it again.

Based on the settings screenshot that was provided, the box Only Once After Each Attempt is checked. This means that students will only be able to see their feedback 1 time, which is right after they complete the quiz. If you want them to see the quiz answers at any time, you'll need to uncheck that box.

This question was addressed on the same day as your question:

"Only Once After Each Attempt"

That is her goal, but she told me that none of her students could not even see any of their answers when they finished their exam.

That's why I recommended trying it with a test student to see if you can recreate the issue or not. I haven't heard of any issues with this functionality, but if you can re-create this, then I would submit this as a ticket to Canvas Support. 

I tried it with the Test Student, and it came up completely blank and didn't show any answers for the Test Student. Looks like I'll need to escalate.

Please let us know what you find out!