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Students adding to teacher comments

Is there a way for teachers to be notified when a student ADDS a follow-up comment to the original teacher comment?  I realize this can be done via email (but that is a HUGE stream with many students and classes) or on the app (which also creates huge amounts of banners).  It would be nice if something popped up on the "TO DO" or somewhere else handy that a student added a new comment -- or a "You have 10 new comments" or something like that.  Am I missing something obvious?

Thank you!

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Great question. Depending on how you have set up your notifications, you should be able to get notice when a new assignment comment is added.
Look under "Course Activities" for Submission Comments.

How do I set my Canvas notification preferences as a student? 

Additionally, you can also filter your Canvas Conversations/Inbox to show submission comments.

How do I filter conversations as a student? 

Hope this helps! 

Sky V.

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I am looking everywhere to find "Course Activities" and submission details - clearly I am missing something!  Could you send a screenshot?

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I am wanting the teacher to be able to see an added student comment....

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Hi Lynn,

Keep in mind that notifications still get sent to email or whatever method or device one has set up.

If the teacher goes into Profile >> Notifications, the listing shows Course Activities:

Submission comment notification

Is this what you're looking for? Assignment submission comments?

or by comments, do you mean discussion posts?
Discussion posts notifications

Hope these screen shots help,
Cheers - Shar