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Students can't access the Edpuzzle in Canvas but as a teacher I can

When I switch to student's view, the screen looks like,



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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi! This could be that your "Test Student" doesn't have access to EdPuzzle. (I've seen this myself when testing some courses last March and April.) Are you able to ask a student to test your LTI integration?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Good afternoon, @lyao ...

I completely agree with @klundstrum on this one.  Assuming that your school has the Edpuzzle LTI external app integrated with your school's Canvas environment, the "Test Student" role wouldn't work.  The reason for this is that "Test Student" doesn't technically have an e-mail address assigned to it.  Many LTIs that are integrated with Canvas need an e-mail address from a Canvas account in order to authenticate into the third-party LTI tool.  Since the "Test Student" role doesn't have this, then you would be seeing a screen like what you've shared with us.  A work-around would be to request a "dummy" student account from your school's local Canvas administrator or from someone in your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They might be able to set this up for you so you can do further testing.

I hope this extra bit of info will be helpful to you.  Take care, and be well.


I agree with you that the "Test Student" is probably the problem on this screen shot (I have experienced the same thing).  However, I have added a colleague as a student to my course and had her test out the Edpuzzle and this is what she got:


So, clearly there is something amiss.  Can anyone offer a nugget for me?  Thanks!