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Students copying exam questions

Is there a way to see in the quiz log if a student is copying the question? My Canvas exams are "New Quizzes" and when I look at the logs (through the Moderate tab in each quiz), this is what I find:

sv exam 2.jpg

There is a difference in font size at 18:12 and no ">" in front of the question. 

I experimented with adding myself as a student to a course and copying the questions, pasting them into Google, and then checking the log. Sometimes the differences pictured above appeared for questions that I copied and other times they did not.

I have multiple students whose logs are similar to what is pictured above. I want to know if this is enough evidence of them copying questions (and I assume pasting them into Google or another search engine) for me to report them for cheating. 

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I do not know the answer, but I am interested in knowing if that is indeed an indication that copying of the question occurred.

Do you know what type of questions correspond to the different fonts.  Maybe one is a paste into an essay and the other is just an answer to a multiple choice.  Which may explain the difference you see.