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Students not asked for username or password on sign up?


I've had students sign up for Canavas today, I have a Free for Teachers account. The students told me they were not asked for a username or password. Class ended before I was able to check what they were seeing but is this a setting I need to adjust?

This page shows students being asked for a username and password, sounds like somehow this isn't happening and they're just asked for their email and full name.



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Community Team
Community Team

That does sound odd.  Please check with your students in your next class session and let us know how things are going.  A few things to ask them:  Are they able to log in?  If so, how?


@Renee Carney what @Aaron Moore​ is describing is exactly what fields parents are asked to complete when they signup to be an observer.

Parents are asked for their full name and email address along with their student's username and password.

Parents are not asked to create a username as the system uses the email they provide for their username. They are not asked to create a password until they Verify the email address they provided by opening the email they received from Canvas and clicking the link that will then prompt them to create a password.

 @Renee_Carney ​ I will check with students next class.

 @emily_beckman ​ once the students sign up, the role shows as Student. Is there a way for me as the teacher to check or reset their passwords?

Aaron Moore I believe that will depend on the permissions your role has and if you as the teacher have any account role settings. Most teachers only have course permissions and not account role permissions.

Account Roles > Account Permissions > Modify login details for users

I don't see any setting in the Teacher permission that would grant you access to the student account settings.

If they can you have them try to do the Forgot Password using the email they used when they set it up. I'm not sure if anything will be sent to them but it's worth a shot.

Usually the problem is students write their email as when it should be and then the forgot doesn't work. So far I haven't needed to have a student sign up for a new account but sounds like that's the only option.

Hi Aaron,

In Free for Teacher I do not believe that the teacher as rights necessary to reset a student password.  Students can use the 'I forgot my password' link on the login page and, failing that, can file a help ticket.

Were you ever able to observe any students being able to access your course without first authenticating?


Hi  @scottdennis ​, I was not able to observe the issue students described. I've had all students using canvas for a few weeks now without that issue popping up again. Thanks again for your help!

I'm glad to hear that, Aaron.

Community Team
Community Team

 @aaronmoore ​

I am going to mark this question as 'assumed answered'.

If your students are still having trouble please reply here and let us know.