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Students selecting from a set of questions on Quiz

Quizzes - Allowing students to select from a group on launched quiz. 

I have been a long time user of Canvas. My one problem is how to provide students choice in selecting short answer questions without having Canvas indicate that all questions are being counted. I give my students a choice on the short answer question of the quiz. They receive 8 questions, but only have to answer 5. Basically Canvas counts all the short answer questions as needing to be answered so the points possible is always overstated by 30 (the 3 additional questions X 10) which throws off their percentage grade, not only for the test, but also for the term. 

Is there some work around, or can I "trick" Canvas into providing students a choice of questions on an exam?

Thanks - Dr. Lisa Augustyniak - 

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Hi  @augustyn ‌,

One of our faculty allows for student choice like what you are describing. He uses a text entry field and lists all of their possible essay options. Then he adds the appropriate number of essay questions to the quiz and instructs his students to indicate in their answers which question they are answering. 

I don't think there are any features in the quiz tools that allow for student choice, but this was the best workaround we found. I hope it helps!

?Thank you so much! I really appreciate it - Perfect!

Stay safe, be well.