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Students sessions expiring before they can submit "External Tool" assignments

Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

I have run into a snag when some of my students go to turn in an "External Tool" assignment that uses the Google Cloud.

For my students that finish more quickly, they have no problem hitting the blue "submit assignment" button on the assignment page. For my students that take longer to finish, they hit the "submit assignment" button, and are met with a message that reads something like: "Your session has expired," and they are unable to submit it. I would give you an exact quote from the message, but they are unable to use the "Present Screen" feature of Google Meets, so I can't see exactly what they are seeing.


Thank you!

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We are experiencing the same issue.  

Teacher reports:

I gave an assignment on Canvas today where they open in a new tab. Students worked on the assignment - typing their answers into the document (the blue box is checked for that). When they went to submit they get an error message about the session is expired and that they need to reload. When they reload they get an error message that the page no longer exists. Fortunately they are able to go back into Canvas and reload the task and all their answers are still there. If they then submit it goes through.