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Adventurer III

Studio - YouTube Playback Errors

We've had several reports recently of errors in Studio when viewing YouTube videos. Some students are receiving the message, "An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID ...)". The error is from YouTube, and it's only happening for some students. When I masquerade, I don't see the error, so I think this is tied to a browser setting somewhere. Last week, it had appeared that clearing cookies resolved the issue, but my teacher's have tried that and no longer seems to solve the problem? Has anyone run into this and found a solution?

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Adventurer III

Still hoping someone else has encountered this and has a solution. The error is from YouTube, so Canvas Support has not been able to help. I've attached the error we're seeing.

What we know and have done so far:

  • Students are primarily on district Chromebooks; incognito mode is not an option
  • Many students are on Chromebooks and are not having any issues
  • All the videos are YouTube videos with embedded quiz questions in Studio.
  • School tech leads have helped students clear cookies/cache. I've gotten mixed feedback - some indicate this resolves the issue, other indicate that the error message still displays
  • They have turned off extensions; no apparent success with that
  • They have reset Chrome; not apparent success there
  • Our internal support team has logged into students' accounts and have not been able to replicate the issue.