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Studio screen capture not working

Hi. Canvas Studio screen capture seems to have stopped working on my Mac today. It was working fine prior. Now it asks me to download the application (which I have done several times) but it still doesn't launch when I press record again. Any thoughts. I'm running High Sierra V10.13.6 and using the latest version of Chrome.348514_Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 4.34.10 pm.png

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Neil - did you find a solution to this? I've got the same problem! Eileen x

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Community Coach

 @neil_grant  and  @eileen_m_field ...

This is a quirky thing I've encountered several times as well.  I don't really think it's necessary to re-download the screen capture software every time you are I believe it's supposed to be a one-time install.  When I start the Studio Screen Recorder, I am usually prompted with a message at the top of my screen to open the Screen Recorder Launcher.  I click the button to open it up.  Then the screen that you have included above shows up...but I either ignore that or close it.  If I wait for another 30-60 seconds, then I see the screen recorder software launch with the dashed line to define what area of my screen I want to record.

I hope this helps both of you in some way.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions.  Take well...stay safe.


I just tried screen capture and it did not record what was actually happening on screen, it recorded my screen saver!  None of my open windows showed at all.  Audio recorded fine.

Anyone know about that?
I wanted to post this as a new topic but I can't find where to do that - can anybody help with that, too?



I had the same issue and found that my Privacy & Security options were blocking Studio from recording the screen. You can go into your System Preferences, select Privacy & Security, scroll down to the Screen Recording section, and click the check box in front of Screen Recorder after unlocking the settings.

Screen Shot 2021-02-01 at 12.32.27 PM.png