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SubAcconts Theme Editor not Applying

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I was trying to apply the theme editor and some custom CSS/JS  into different SubAccounts that we use in our instance and these changes are not applying to their respective SubAccounts.

any help will be appreciated Smiley Happy

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Hello stefaniesanders​ and  @garth ​ for your support. I've been quite away here  from the community. Thank you so much:smileycheck:

Surveyor II

If anyone comes across this issue, I have found a small bug and have a ticket open with Canvas.

If you apply styling to a sub-account, and access course analytics, the styling switches back to the default root CSS.

Not a show stopper necessarily, but not a smooth user experience either if the styling is significantly different (which in our case it is very noticeable).

Hopefully there will be a fix soon.