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Submission Issue

I have students who receive submission error or submission failure messages.  When they air drop the file to another device and log into their specific Canvas account they are able to submit successfully.  Both devices are on the same network, and the file name does not change.  Not all of the files have been large files trying to be uploaded. This issue happens on school wifi connection and on personal wifi connection at home.  Any advice or input on what might be the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Community Coach
Community Coach

What type of files are these?  It's possible that in the process of Air dropping from one device to another the file format is changing.  As an example, for photos taken on an iPhone they are saved in the image format .HEIC.  It could be that Air Drop somehow changes that image to another format; perhaps as part of compression to make the file smaller for instance.  It's just a guess though and I don't really have a work around.