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Surveyor II

Submitting Assignments and Quizzes with Canvas Student App

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Good morning!  My apologies if this question has already been posted.  Has anyone heard of student difficulties submitting assignments and quizzes using the Canvas Student app? (Either with Ios or Android?)  We recently had several students submit an assignment, and the submission did not come through.


Nancy Webb

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Have any of the recent app updates fixed this issue? There have been three updates since 4/24.

Another option is a new feature that you will find inside the iPhone or iPad settings. 

Go to (Device) Settings > Student (you'll have to scroll quite a bit) > Turn on "Reset Cache on Next Launch"

This will reset the data in the app that might be more helpful than an app reinstall. 

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I'm going to tag the‌ to get the right eyes (not mine Smiley Happy) on this.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi nancy.webb- How are students submitting their work? If they are making submissions with text entry, there was a known bug that should have been addressed with an update this past weekend. 

Surveyor II

Thanks Kristin and Tracey! We will let students know that they need to update their app, and see what happens from there.


Community Coach
Community Coach

We have a student in our office right now who is unable to submit a document using the student app on an Android phone. She has tried repeatedly, and so have we with no success!

Frustrating for us, because it is so frustrating for our student.



Have you entered a Canvas Help Desk ticket?  I'd be interested on what they say.


My Support Specialist asked the student to submit a ticket, but I don't see it in our queue yet.

Hi Kelley L. Meeusen,

At the risk of asking a question whose answer is "yes, of course," do you know if the student has tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Canvas Student app? We've seen a lot of such misbehaviors with recently updated apps disappear after uninstalling and then reinstalling.

Good luck!



That was actually one of the first things my support specialist tried after a couple failed attempts.

Community Member

Yes, our students using iOS have had many problems with assignment submissions.

There's a few things you can do... 1) Check the font the student is using, try changing it. (This resolved an issue where we had students submitting blank work).

2) Make sure the Canvas app version is up to date. if your using an MDM (Jamf?) make sure that you force an update to the ipads.

3) see if updating the iOS version of your ipad fix's the problem.

This year, our district seemed to be plagued with submission issues.