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Submitting Assignments and Quizzes with Canvas Student App

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Good morning!  My apologies if this question has already been posted.  Has anyone heard of student difficulties submitting assignments and quizzes using the Canvas Student app? (Either with Ios or Android?)  We recently had several students submit an assignment, and the submission did not come through.


Nancy Webb

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Have any of the recent app updates fixed this issue? There have been three updates since 4/24.

Another option is a new feature that you will find inside the iPhone or iPad settings. 

Go to (Device) Settings > Student (you'll have to scroll quite a bit) > Turn on "Reset Cache on Next Launch"

This will reset the data in the app that might be more helpful than an app reinstall. 

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Ryan Seilhamer,

We haven't heard of any new issues, and have been recommending to students that that update to latest app version.

Thanks for the new feature update!

Nancy W.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate I am jumping in on this just to get some help. I had a teacher reach out to me on Friday with similar issues. Two students, both on Samsung Galaxy 7 devices could not submit their video recording/media upload. I am still searching the community to see if this is a known issue, but wanted to start in this thread since it is somewhat recent. 



I haven't heard of any issues specific to this, Android, or the S7. If it's only happening to students with this particular device, I'd suggest contacting Canvas support as this might be isolated to specific devices. Hope this helps! 


Thank you! I will pass this along. 


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