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Syllabus Without Assignments

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Is there a way to eliminate the assignment listing in the Syllabus tool?  I would like to use the syllabus without the assignments, dates, etc. showing at the bottom.

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An indication of the assignment not being published would be useful.  This could be text added after the assignment name  'unpublished' or perhaps the 'icon-unpublish' as appears on the Assignments page.  Open to any approach.

From the Assignments page -- 


Community Advocate
Community Advocate‌,

With a little extra HTML, we wouldn't need JavaScript to show differences in unpublished assignments.

I submitted a pull request to have the workflow state of the assignment available in an HTML data attribute.

If the attributes are added, we can simply indicate with CSS...

table#syllabus tr[data-workflow-state="unpublished"] td a {
    font-weight: bold;

Even add an icon using ::before with ⦸ = Circled Reverse Solidus = 29B8

table#syllabus tr[data-workflow-state="unpublished"] td a::before {
    content: '\29B8'; /*Circled Reverse Solidus*/

Nicely done.   You gotta love the open source nature of this product.  

Community Advocate
Community Advocate


The pull request has been merged into the Canvas source. With some patience we should start seeing it migrate through beta, test, and production in 2, 5 and 8 weeks respectively. Give's me some time to polish the JS features for those interested.


The data-workflow_state="published" or "unpublished" are now available in beta instances. You can try the CSS to differentiate between published an unpublished syllabus assignments.


This is a perfect example of a cool thing that I didn't even know I wanted. Thanks for going the extra mile on this one!


data-workflow-state for syllabus assignments is now in production.


Any more thoughts on this? Anymore tests, results, requests?

I'm going to attempt to identify Unpublished vs Published assignments for instructors. This might take some preparation and time, but makes sense.

Any thoughts on TimeZone issues for students/users who are traveling?



Jumping in here with another request. 

After reading all 17 community posts that relate to this (from the first request May 27, 2015 to today...), I'm still befuddled.

Most of our courses are self-paced.  They don't have dates.  As a result, the course summary assignments list can be a disaster.  We want to kill it completely.  (Our few instructor-led courses can live without it until we get a real toggle to turn it on/off.)

I see how to turn off the #syllabuscontainer via CSS in the "correct answer" at the top of the page.  Problem is, as you noted, the <h2> for "Course Summary:" 

I don't need instructor control, and I don't care about language setttings. I just need to kill the container and the header with a short bit of theme-level JS.



Hi Mike,

CSS to hide the H2. As I stated in this comment, there is little specificity to select this element. So double check the course syllabus page on Mondays after production release to make sure Canvas hasn't changed the page, or keep ahead of the release notes and check your Test instance for a little more piece of mind. If they were to add an extra section with another H2, that H2 would be hidden as well.

#course_syllabus ~ h2 {
    display: none;

General sibling combinator - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN