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Tables in Quiz Feedback

When creating feedback in quizzes, the option for creating tables doesn't work correctly.  You can create a table in the editor, but when you save it, the table format goes away.  Below are screenshots:

When I build it:


After I save it:


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Community Team
Community Team

 @wakimsu , yes, I just tried this myself, and can confirm that what you're experiencing is what just happened for me as well. I already have a ticket in regarding an RCE formatting issue (it's not saving underlined format in answer feedback), and I don't know if all of the tickets regarding general problems with answer feedback are being aggregated, but I recommend that you open a support case of your own--ideally by clicking on the Help / Report a Problem directly from the quiz editing screen--reference my Case #01389122, and in the ticket description, provide a link to this Community discussion.

My additional testing shows that the Insert Image option in answer feedback is still functioning correctly; as a temporary workaround, could you insert an image of a table that you've created elsewhere?

Thank you stefaniesanders​!  I really appreciate your help. I will use the image work-around for now and will file a support ticket.  You are fabulous!

You're welcome,  @wakimsu ​ (blushing here :smileyblush:). For now, I'm going to mark this conversation as "Assumed Answered," given that it's become the purview of Canvas Support. When you receive updates on your ticket, please circle back to this conversation and update the thread with the results of the investigation if you have a moment.


Did anything get resolved regarding this issue? It is not 2018 and the issue is still happening for us. You can also try to format with spaces but that is a hassle, an image is probably easiest.