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Taking notes on content in pages

Hi - I am trying to see if there are any apps or tools that let you take notes (annotate) a content page and not only in assignments/speedgrader.  Is this possible? does anyone know of any such tool/app? Basically, trying to find a 'notebook' type tool that lets students take notes in 'pages'. 

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Hello  @crystal_chang  and welcome to the Canvas Community! I'm not familiar particularly

"taking notes (annotating) on a content page." However, I did do some research on previous inquiries similar to your question and did come across a few that were answered: 

Any way to annotate a Page in Canvas? 

How can we annotate an essay? Make feedback marks while checking spelling, grammar etc? 

I hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks Priscilla for looking into this and providing other discussions.  I mainly was trying to find a way for students to take notes when they are in a canvas page and I have PDFs linked.  Everything out there mainly is to annotate PDFs and student submissions in assignments/gradebooks.  But there isn't anything on note taking on existing Canvas pages.  

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