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Teacher To Do List

I am a teacher in several of my co-teacher's classes so we can share resources. My to-do list is ALWAYS filled up with their ungraded assignments. I click the X so that the assignment goes away until someone else submits, but that never lasts long. Is there are way to hide their assignments on my to do list so that I only see the assignments that I personally need to grade? 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @katiefabsher -

If you're enrolled in the course as a Teacher, Canvas will send those to-do items, even if you're not the grader. It doesn't know which teacher is assigned the item, unfortunately.

Do you create content in the course, or do you observe? I wonder if your Canvas Admin could arrange for a different role -- a custom Observer or TA or something -- that would allow you to see what your co-teacher creates yet doesn't assign you grading tasks.