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Teacher- ToDo notifications turn off

I want to stop the todo notification on the mobile device  and the web interface as well.

I only want to be notified if a student sends me a message on my mobile device; how is this accomplished?. 

These "ToDos" - notification do not help me, in fact they clutter the mobile notification badges and detract from ones ability to distinguish between a inbox message that is important ...vs an always populated "ToDo" List. 

Once again, I get the feeling that this software was initially designed for students... and then had instructors thrown in as an afterthought. This todo "feature" may be fine for students.. but as an instructor, I would prefer the ability to control the "todo"

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Actually, Canvas was designed by students, for students - you got that spot-on correct!  From Wikipedia,

"Instructure was founded in 2008 by two BYU graduate students, Brian Whitmer and Devlin Daley, with initial funding from Mozy founder Josh Coates (currently the executive chairman of the Board) and Epic Ventures."

Two astounding young men that I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with many times.

As a teacher, I greatly appreciate the To-Do lists as it advises me when students have made submissions, that I can subsequently grade in a timely manner. I also appreciate that the items in the Teacher's To-Do list are hot links that take me directly to their submissions in SpeedGrader.

As for Notifications, a totally different thing, you do have control over your notifications and can specify which you recieve, when you receive them and where they are received. Learn more at How do I add contact methods to receive Canvas notifications as an instructor? , and at 

I hope this is helpful,


Community Coach
Community Coach‌, 

For mobile when using the Canvas Teacher app, you must set your notification preferences on the web, just a Kelley referenced above. You want to adjust the settings under the "For All Devices" column. For mobile, there are no notifications preferences for individual devices. It's all or nothing. Hope this helps.