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Teacher of some courses AND parent observer of their own child?

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I am a teacher, have a Canvas account and use it for the courses I teach. My son's elementary school teacher is starting to use Canvas in her classroom(in the same district/domain). My question is do I need a new account to be able to pair with my child and view his courses? Or can I somehow pair my existing teacher account? 

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For everyone participating in this discussion, our Customer Success team has provided the teacher-parent/observer solution to the local Canvas admins for your schools. Please direct future requests for assistance to the Canvas admin or eLearning department in your organization, who can in turn work with their customer success management team.

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Hi  @martha_hiestand  - 

There are a few colleagues who also have children in the building. They actually prefer to have two separate accounts (one for teaching, one for parenting!), for their roles in Canvas. They use their official school email for their teacher account, and they use a personal email for their observer account. The most common feedback is that they can separate work life from home life a lot easier. They can sign in to Canvas Teacher and Canvas Parent using the appropriate login credentials and set notifications in a way that works best for them and their family!

If you click Account then Settings, do you see an Observing tab? If yes, you can follow the directions in this guide: How do I link a student to my user account as an observer?

If not, let me know. There is a way to do it, but it's hidden. I'll send you the workaround in a private message because it can also be used by students to observe other students.

Thanks, Kristin! After talking it over with my husband, we decided a separate account would work best for us too. I went ahead and created a parent observer account with a joint email, so both he and I can access our son's courses. 

I am having the same issue and the Observing tab isn't showing up.  Could you help me with this?

Absolutely. I'll send you a direct message shortly.

Can you please send me the work around? I'm a teacher and I'm needing to observe my child as well.

Can you send me the workaround as well?

I have the same question/issue. Can you please tell me how to link my teacher account to observing my students?

@klundstrum I got to thinking that if I didn't link to you directly you may not see my previous message about wanting the work around for teacher accounts to be observers on their own children in the same district/system. Hopefully this works as I'd love to have the work around


Could you please send me the work around? Thanks!