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Teacher of some courses AND parent observer of their own child?

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I am a teacher, have a Canvas account and use it for the courses I teach. My son's elementary school teacher is starting to use Canvas in her classroom(in the same district/domain). My question is do I need a new account to be able to pair with my child and view his courses? Or can I somehow pair my existing teacher account? 

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Is it possible to post the solution publicly?

@scientistrunner  -- unfortunately, this is not something that should be shared publically, as the solution can be used for students to observe other students. That would possibly lead to an academic integrity issue.

I need it too.

Can you send it to mee too?  This is my fist time posting here.  I hope I get this right.

Could you please send me the instructions on how to do this as well? I am a culinary instructor and have two kids of mine who are on canvas.  Thank you

I need the workaround for me to be both a teacher in canvas and an observer for my son. I do not have the observing button!




Can you please share with me how a teacher can also be a parent observer. THank you!

Can you please send me the directions also? I don't want to have two Canvas accounts. Thank you!

I would also appreciate the workaround. Thanks!

For everyone participating in this discussion, our Customer Success team has provided the teacher-parent/observer solution to the local Canvas admins for your schools. Please direct future requests for assistance to the Canvas admin or eLearning department in your organization, who can in turn work with their customer success management team.

We've locked comments on this thread as this is now the accepted solution.

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Please send me the hidden work around as well.  I am our district's LMS admin and have come across this numerous times!    ....

actually i was on hold from Canvas support when I came across this article but as I was typing this they came back on with the hidden super secret location.