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Teacher of some courses AND parent observer of their own child?

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I am a teacher, have a Canvas account and use it for the courses I teach. My son's elementary school teacher is starting to use Canvas in her classroom(in the same district/domain). My question is do I need a new account to be able to pair with my child and view his courses? Or can I somehow pair my existing teacher account? 

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Did Support share the location with you??

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Can you please direct message me the workaround as well.  Now that we are on "virtual learning" - I'd like to access my child's class. I've been given a key, but I don't have the "observing" option either - thanks! Smiley Happy 

Hi Karen - I'll send you a DM soon. Smiley Happy

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Could you please send me a DM for the workaround?  I used to be able to have easy conversations with the teachers in the building about my child, but now, I'd like to become an observer of him.  I don't have the "observing" option.  Thank you!

I definitely can. There are many perks to keeping separate accounts, but look in your Community inbox for more directions. Smiley Happy

Can you DM me, too? I'm an LMS admin and my son is doing summer school. I will be taking courses with my professional account and don't want to switch sign-ins all the time. Thanks!

I hate to pile on but I would love to benefit from this workaround as well. If you could share I would really appreciate it, thank you.

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Can you send me the work around too? I don't have the Observer tab.


I need the workaround please.


I need the workaround as well, please.

Thank you!