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Technology needs/support roadmap

My apologies if there is already a thread out there about this topic but I didn't see it when I searched.

Let's look ahead and try to create a roadmap of where support might be needed.

For example, I'm guessing there will be a large increase of faculty wanting to use LTIs thus making it important that we improve the vetting process of allowing these LTIs to be installed on our system. We might need more individuals in the security team to help evaluate various LTIs and people in the accommodations area for the vetting process.

What about technology trends like AR/VR and other content that will need to be supported in our courses for both computers and mobile devices and the design concerns that go along with this?

With technology advancements happening at such a rapid pace, where should we be thinking about support and use our best guess to create a roadmap to prepare for what's to come?
I know this is a tough question but, I thought it might be worthy of a discussion topic to help get an idea of what might be needed. It's always good to get creative ideas out there ahead of what might come.

Thank you for your thoughts.

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