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Term, course, and section date setup

Hello!  We are working on the CSV file that we will provide to Canvas from our ERP.  I wanted to get some ideas from the list on strategies others are using as it pertains to dates in the terms, courses, and sections file.

I read over this article which was a great reference:


A few questions:

  1. If I put an end date on a term, course, and section of say January 31.  It appears the student can still access/see the course but can not make any contributions.  That said, I am wondering if they had a test on the last date of class (January 31) and the instructor graded the test two days later, can the student see the grade for that assignment if the end date was set to January 31?  Can they still see their past submissions of an assignment as well as grades?
  2. Based on the hierarchy of dates, I am not certain I want to include begin/end dates in the courses.csv/sections.csv thus it would inherit from the terms.csv file.  What are others doing?  For example, are you populating any dates in the courses.csv/sections.csv.  With our current learning management system, students and faculty can technically go back and see content from any course they have taken/taught but can't see any assignments.
  3. What can I do to make sure faculty can go back and copy a past course regardless of the date.  For example, I teach a course one time a year in Fall 2020.  I teach the course again in Fall 2021.  I procrastinate and don’t do any course prep until a day before class starts in Fall 2021 and want to copy my Fall 2020 course to use as the basis for the course in Fall 2021, can a faculty access that fall 2020 course if the term date is past?  Or do I need to set some extended date for the TEACHERS CAN ACCESS FROM value in terms.csv?



Thank you!

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