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Test imported--but the scores didn't.....Any ideas?

I recently imported grades from Canvas to Power School for two tests for the same class.

The last test posted correctly, but the first one did not.  The "name" of the first test posted in Power School, but it did not post the scores--even though the students' scores are in Canvas.  So, the test in Power School says 0/30 have taken the test--when I can see all 30 scores in Canvas.

Everything appears the same between these two tests that I imported at the same time--the category selected, both within this same grading period, etc.  I just can't figure out what little thing is preventing the scores from going through on the first test.  I have deleted this test from Power School, synced it again with Canvas, logged off, etc.--but it still shows up with the test only being "listed" in Power School, but with no scores.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance!

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