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Theme Issues

Hi Everyone -

I've been playing with my school's theme in preparation for our initial rollout next school year and am encountering a few issues.

1) I've uploaded our school's logo that has a transparent background to the Nav Logo field in under Themes. It doesn't appear to be transparent, though, and there's a white background. This looks fine on our desktop views as the icon is situated in the upper lefthand corner and the white blends into the white of the page. However, in the iOS app, it looks terrible as the icon appears in the middle of the mobile navigation. The background is not really transparent. I'm assuming that the logo that is in the Nav Logo field is appearing on the iOS app and that there is no way to upload a different image for each place. I hope this makes sense! Screenshots are here:

2) I've updated our theme and applied it, but I don't see the theme taking hold on my account. It still see a graynav bar on the left and the Canvas icon in the top lefthand corner. It should be purple with my school's icon showing. And it shows this way in the Theme previews. What am I missing?


Thanks in advance! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @lgray929 ...

I'm not sure that I have a solution for you for your #1 question.  It seems to me that if you were to somehow remove the white behind your logo when viewed on mobile devices, that would blend right into the purple background you've already set for your theme...making it even more difficult to view.  Maybe as a work-around, would you be able to edit your logo just slightly in a graphics editing program to add a little bit of a white border around the entire logo so you've maybe got 5 pixels (for example) of white above, below, and on both left/right sides of the logo?  Then the purple lines from your logo wouldn't be right up against the purple stripe at the top of your iOS interface.

Regarding #2, do you by chance have "Use High Contrast UI" switched on in your own account?  There are two places you can turn this on/off.  First, you can click on "Account" in Canvas, and then at the bottom of the slide-out menu, there will be a toggle switch to turn this on/off.  Or, from within your "Account" menu, if you select "Settings", you can scroll all the way down to the "Feature Options: User" section.  You'll see a row for "High Contrast UI".  You can enable/disable this by clicking on red "x" or the green checkmark for that row.  Once you turn off the high contrast UI, click on your "Dashboard" icon on the left-hand global navigation, and you should see your purple theme with the school logo.

I hope this information will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions.  Take well.