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Theme editor and images. http-https

My site is configured https://
If I leave all images by default – all images are sent over https:// - secure connection


If I insert my own images for branding through the site's theme editor, all these images start being sent over http:// and the connection becomes unprotected.

Images http___ not secure

Is this a bug or did I not configure something somewhere? I did not find instructions for a full transition to the https site://

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Lamplighter II

Is this a local source code installation or Cloud account?

Community Member

The site runs on a virtual machine running Linux Centos 7. The Site was not installed by us, but we now the management site. 

Hi Andrew,

open source canvas‌ questions don't get much attention here, but there is a Mailing List and IRC Channel for developers to ask questions about self hosting. If you jump on there and describe your issue, someone should be around to answer.

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